Sunday School - Trustees - Ushers

The Music Ministry of St. John is in active partnership with Pastor Murray in reaching souls for Christ. Both ministries play an intricate role in leading the lost to salvation.  The music ministry has the task of setting the tone for the service and the atmosphere for deliverance. It is our responsibility to condition the hearts of the congregation and prepare them to receive from heaven through our Pastor. Therefore our responsibilities as ministers of music should be held with the utmost respect and reverence. In order to worship God, we must do so in sprit and in truth. Our individual walk with Jesus reflects in our worship. We must always continue to pray and fellowship with the Father so that as we minister, we have already been ministered to. The anointing in and on our lives should overflow into the lives of the congregation. With prayer, fasting, Bible study, and individual worship, our cups are filled to overflowing. Therefore we minister from the overflow. The Music ministry is not for everyone. In order to serve God with a spirit of excellence, we must prepare properly. This means intense rehearsals and daily individual practice time. The music ministry requires dedication and discipline. We are called into a ministry that is fun and exciting, yet vigorous and full of responsibility. “To whom much is given, much is required.” Although the music department is voluntary, once the commitment to participate is made, nothing less than one hundred percent dedication is expected. We welcome with open arms, anyone who feels that God is leaning them into the music ministry of St. John. We can never have enough worshipers, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”